Thursday, November 09, 2006

Only a little crow for lunch

Presidential counselor Dan Bartlett told CBS that "a little bit of crow" was on the menu for Mr. Bush's lunch with Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer today. Well, it's good to get one of my recent questions answered.

At the same time, it's so hard to trust finicky eaters. Thanksgiving is coming up. Turkeys can wait. There's been a big increase in the crow population in US metropolitan areas, crows being so compatible with our lifestyle, like rats and cockroaches, so let's start a new tradition. Everyone who's been shooting his or her mouth off erroneously gets a whole crow, not just some little taste of crow. It could be to humility what Yom Kippur is to atonement. Or make the day before Thanksgiving for crow, and Thursday for turkey. How about a presidential proclamation for that, Mr. Bush? That's a statement that would be remembered past 2050.

Oh well, politics is so much about half-measures.

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