Saturday, February 10, 2007

A day without blogs

21st Century Press
February 10, 2061

President Maria Conchita Bracamonte today proclaimed every Tuesday as a day without blogs, citing last year’s studies from the University of Wyoming and National Autonomous University of Mexico that Tuesday is the worst day of the week for baseless rumors, building on Monday being the day for the greatest number of new topics. President Bracamonte thanked Congress for the Cooper-Patel Act passed last month, which authorizes the President to take steps such as this in furtherance of the 30th amendment.

The President reiterated her administration’s commitments to the intellectual health, emotional health and physical health of the nation, three of the Eight Ways to the Future that she emphasized in her re-election campaign. Bracamonte suggested using the prohibition against blogging on Tuesday productively by making Tuesdays for exercise, for family and other needs.

Department of Information spokesperson Ousmane Fields explained that the proclamation does not require people to turn off their implants, but only the automatic recording features that post their every thought and image. Recording for one’s own use or future public use is unaffected by the proclamation.

Also today Attorney General Ted Robinson warned members of the opposition who persist in referring to the Department of Information as the “Ministry of Truth” risk prosecution under the provisions of the Cooper-Patel Act to enforce the freedom from lies and freedom from hate guarantees of the 30th amendment, in its modification of the first amendment. General Robinson referred to the “Sense of the People” section of the Cooper-Patel Act that defines lies, excluding satire for one-time rhetorical purposes, but holding that satire becomes a lie when used repeatedly in place of the facts of the matter. Hateful satire, however, is prohibited in all cases. Robinson acknowledged that the 14,000 pages of the “Sense of the People” section on lies and 23,000 pages on hate can be intimidating to read and that it is his intention to give people at least one warning of their being in violation of the Act before prosecution, but people should take that warning seriously.

Similarly Robinson warned that persistent references to the Cooper-Patel Act as “Sinaloan Justice” will also be prosecuted. Sinaloa was the 63rd of the 84 states to ratify the 30th amendment in 2058, making the amendment part of the US Constitution.

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