Thursday, August 31, 2006

A dream that evaporated with waking

I awoke with an interesting dream this morning. Its details are all gone now. It was about three ways to talk about some idea that I always talk about. I forget if that was about living in the Spirit, that the spiritual world is very different from what religious people think it is, or that the physical world is so much more corrupt than people acknowledge, both secularly corrupt and religiously corrupt. Whatever it was, there were these three ways to look at it that I hadn’t thought of before, though the truth these ideas led to was one of these things that I already know well.

I know there was one idea that I held on to the longest, though even it probably survived less than a minute. It was about some specific people. I forget who now. I don’t know them well.

Images from dreams last longer. So do emotions. There were images in the dream this morning, but they only illustrated these ideas. I actually still can see a couple of faces from this dream, but I don’t recognize them. The central theme of the dream was not visual, but intellectual. Apparently it wasn’t much for my waking mind to hold on to.

Everyone who dreams knows this as a phenomenon. No one understands the physiology or perhaps even spirituality of it. I used to know something about experiments in state-dependent learning, ones that mostly involve lab animals in drug-induced states, but that was a long time ago. Our brain changes with context in more ways than anyone knows. It’s one of those things that makes me feel secure that religious people are completely over their head in saying anything about who and what God is and secular people are, too, in saying there is no God. Maybe it was that this dream was about. I don’t remember.

But there is a God. Richard Dawkins’ book saying that’s a delusion comes out in a couple of months. How can he be so sure when there’s still so much to know? I’m sure I’ll see enough excerpts from it on blogs to know that I know something he doesn’t know, and that there’s no way for me to teach him. I’ve met God in states of consciousness that are awake, yet different from the wakefulness that couldn’t hold this dream this morning. And neither atheists nor religious people who trust only in words know anything about that.

God never evaporated with normal wakefulness. That’s not a delusion, whatever the reality of God is.

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