Sunday, August 27, 2006

You can fool some of the people all of the time

Today I became aware of a series by Regnery Publishing, which describes itself as the leading conservative publisher in America, since 1947. The series is titled The Politically Incorrect Guide To (whatever). The Panda's Thumb is currently carving up the volume in the series devoted to attacking evolution. There was a earlier one that attacked evolution for a couple of chapters within a larger attack against all sorts of things in science. You don't need to read many excerpts to recognize the tired style of making all sorts of overblown conclusions from a few supposed facts, winding up with some grand, global conspiracy to suppress God and whatever else the author feels like claiming.

I can't imagine I'd find any of the books interesting, but the page for the reviews at I linked above interests me. Both spotlight reviews heap all sorts of praise on the book. Yeah, those nasty science bastards are going to be on the run now! Then there are reviews from some who know some science. Overall it's rated as 3 stars out of 5, but it certainly is a bimodal response. Then one can look at the positive and negative votes for the reviews, the authors supporters and detractors changing places from one being stronger at voting one month, but the other in a different month. There's more potential science in observing the human nature of all this than in the books themselves, I'm sure.

In the end, it's all a waste. Science cares nothing about such fantasies. It amazes me that those who see such godlessness in science and liberalism never seem to think for one moment that God might be on the side of science and liberals, that there is more love and truth there than with those who find so many things to hate. Conservatism is a dead end. Liberalism is a dead end, too, I suspect. People will live as they will live. God will lead those who follow Him, not those who merely claim to. Those who refuse to understand that are already dead.

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Ed Darrell said...

Generally, Regnery has been a third-string publishing house. In this administration it has published a lot, but I don't see much improvement over when I dealt with them in the 1980s. The biggest issue I had with them then: They had no fact checkers. Authors would say the most foolish things, or the most erroneous things, and still it would see print.

This current series seems to be yet another series designed to keep fact checkers unemployed, at least by Regnery.